Wanted: Executioner

You know, when I wrote that title, I thought it was cute and pithy because it echoes a prior tweet of mine

“Researching publishing options is like personally choosing your executioner.”


But then I thought: Shit, now I’m going to be on all these lists.

But then I thought: I’m probably on ALL KINDS of lists by this point, so no big deal.

So here we are. It’s been a long morning. Can you tell?

As I wait for a few more of my FABULOUS beta-readers to provide me needed feedback for REAPER, I’ve been delving into the research that precedes querying, submitting, and a few other terms that strike fear in the heart of every writer. With so many options available to writers now, it’s somehow HARDER to figure out how to publish. We no longer have to stand in line, twiddling our thumbs or picking our noses, waiting for the gatekeeper to see us. We can CIRCUMVENT that bitch via small presses and self publishing.

I’m a little overwhelmed.

The only thing I’m sure of is that self-publishing is NOT for me. 


Who knows. My long-winded point is: REAPER is inches away from being publishable. So on that note, who wants the job?

*photo courtesy of deviantart.com