Title Post

Because I am a relentless follower of things that work, I gave in and did the one thing (well, one of many things) I said I would never do. I created a (dun, dun, duuuuuuuuh) blog. Granted, the “blog” is the creation of my generation, but I never thought I would see the benefit. Who gives a good (expletive deleted) damn what I have to say?

Apparently, a lot of people. Several of my writer friends (maybe all of them, for all I know) have blogs. They may not post regularly, but when they do, people read it. And comment. The vain narcissist in me loves comments. Even the bad ones.

Anyway, after reading these blogs and comments, and the subsequent blog posts and lessons that came as a result, I decided, “Holy buckets. These blog things work. Maybe I should get one of those.”

The result is the meager, but soon to be amazingly incredible blog in front of you. Beware, be open, but above all, be in posession of fresh underwear. You’re going to need them.