A Quickie on the Utter Bullshit That is a Writing Career

Good news:

Today, I received my FIRST EVER copy of REAPER in print. It’s fucking gorgeous and beautiful and I am not ashamed to say I snuggled it for a while.



So. Pretty.


And after we snuggled and whispered sweet nothings to each other, I thought about the release. THAT’S RIGHT. Other people (hopefully) will be reading this thing. And not only will they be reading it, they’ll have OPINIONS and shit. And while REAPER is awesomesauce with a dash of sarcastilicious (Thanks, Renee), there will be people out there who hate it. Don’t worry, I’ve got whiskey.

And then I thought, HOLY TWAT WAFFLE I have ANOTHER book coming out next year, which only leads to more rejection via review.

Which brings me to my point–

The rejection never stops.

Say it with me.





But seriously, it doesn’t. It starts with query letters, then edits that make you cut out your favorite scenes, and then reviews and THE CYCLE NEVER ENDS.

And the anxiety? I’ve got a new WIP in front of me that I’m completely in love with, but in the dark recesses of my mind there’s a voice. A voice that says it doesn’t matter what I write, because it’ll suck. It all sucks. It’s like the editor voice, but on steroids. Fucker.

It’s taking some time and patience and a tall glass of whiskey and coke in my “I ❤ BEAVER” glass to get through it.

A career in writing, or any of the arts in general, is complete bullshit. But I’ll be DAMNED if I ever stop.



Oh HELL yes, It’s On

It’s just after 8am. What are you doing?

Last night, after I made next to zero progress over the last week thanks to moving across the country, settling into and filling an empty apartment, and dealing with adjusting to my new life as being a “work from home, stay at home, TRAPPED AT HOME” person I chained myself to the computer and banged out 5k words. Not enough to get caught up, but sweet damn did I have fun doing it. You’re a bitch, NaNoWriMo, but a bitch I can’t wait to spank.

Also, I’ve mentioned on twitter (@authorkatm) that I was considering starting a vlog, which I’ll link to this one. Last night, I recorded a dummy vlog post just to dick around with the editing tools of Windows Movie Maker and see how retarded I look on film. The verdict is – it’s going to be difficult to master the editing and I only look semi-retarded on film so the vlog is a go. I’ll be recording a real post tonight and hopefully posting  tomorrow once I edit the shit out of it. So, you know, grab your glass of wine and look for that.

In other news, I’m currently reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman. I have to share that fact with you because never have I been so desperate for a novel not to end. It’s incredibly interesting and delves into one of my absolute favorite subjects – god mythology. Go to Barnes & Noble, go to Amazon, go to wherever and pick it up. Then get Anansi Boys by the same author. Incredible novels.