Monday Motivation: Writing Prompts

A lot of important things happen on Mondays–diets, goal development, laundry–so it seemed only RIGHT to begin a revamp of this blog on a Monday.

For me, as a writer, it’s hardest to get going on Mondays. I take the weekend off (because I’m ALLOWED) and when Monday finally rears its bulbous head, the gears take a minute or twenty to start moving again.


How did I get here? What day is it?

If you’re anything like me, Monday Motivation is a thing you need in your life. While there are a TON of cool affirmations under the twitter hashtag, sometimes we need something more.

Here are ten writing prompts to get you going. Meet back here next week for another ten, and possibly mimosas because I’m getting married soon and booze helps the freak-out go down (but that’s another post. ;))


Down the hatch, madam.


  1. Rewrite a scene from your favorite book from an outsider’s perspective. (For me, that would be the “battle scene” from THE NIGHT CIRCUS from the POV of one of the red scarf club members.
  2. Describe the world’s WORST weather for a barbeque.
  3. What does December smell like?
  4. Write a scene from your main character’s childhood.
  5. Write a scene (or a whole story!) using only dialogue.
  6. Rewrite a scene in your work in progress as a different genre.
  7. Write a scene in which your main character and Death have dinner together. (I imagine Death ordering a Juicy Lucy with extra cheese and a micro brew beer. None of that corporate shit).
  8. Describe a summer sky without using the word “blue” or anything blue-adjacent.
  9. Write a scene about a woman who only speaks to people wearing hats.
  10. Write a conversation between two blind characters (emphasis on what they smell, hear, taste!)


That does it! Get writing and feel free to share your results (or epic fails) in the comments!

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