Cover Reveal– STATIC HERO (Wuuuuut?)

Yesterday, I was having a REALLY bad day.

Among a thousand other personal things, my latest manuscript, STATIC HERO, was rejected by another publisher. Not for reasons of being a bad book, though. In fact, it was pointed out that the story and writing are good.

Hey, things happen, no hard feelings.

Except, there WERE hard feelings. I’d just compiled a list of over 70 agents I’ll be sending a new work to. The task I’ll be undertaking is, in a word, FUUUUUUUUUUUCK. The fact of having a manuscript rejected that you’ve worked hard on and kind of love isn’t a giant deal in and of itself–we’ve all been there, done that, wrote ANOTHER book–but the timing sucked.

I took to the super secret cave inhabited by my two favorite writer ladies and vented.

And vented.

And vented.

Not only did these ladies empathize, they JUMPED to the task of helping me make STATIC HERO a reality.

That’s right. I’m self-publishing this book. And I’m not taking the task lightly. The folks over at Deadpixel Publications will help me edit the SHIT out of it, I’ll get help formatting, and the cover will be professional-grade, thanks to my friend, Hanna Elizabeth.

Behold, Hanna’s GORGEOUS cover work:

3Static Hero Final

Gorgeous, isn’t it?

I hope this cover makes you as excited for the book as I am. It’s going to be scary, but we’ll make the journey together.

To tide you over until I figure this all out, here’s a tentative blurb:

Dwight has always had a problem with static electricity buildup, but never thought of it as a “superpower.”

Then he meets Naomi who introduces him to a group of people with weird abilities like him—dust manipulation, the ability to speak with animals, and even someone who can bring insects back from the dead, but only insects. They have a mission: to find the villain called The Mauve Hand and bring him to justice.

But as Dwight digs deeper into the identity of The Hand, he gets caught in a mob war between two families—one led by a drag king with a personal vendetta, the other, by a man just as inclined to design a man’s suit as to bury him in it. Dwight wants to abandon the mission, but both bosses know who he is and what he can do. They each approach Dwight with a proposition to destroy the other, or face the consequences.

Now Dwight has a dilemma: Continue the mission and probably die, or save himself, but sacrifice his friends.

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