Rage-Face Angry Pants

So, I read this article from Psychology Today. After a discussion with my significant other (who intelligently neglected to assert whether or not she thought I had a problem with being rage-face angry pants) we decided their “steps” wouldn’t work for me. Here’s why.

1. Be Aware of Your Triggers


(Image from funnyjunk.com)



So… everything? Being “conscious” and “watchful” of things like overuse of the word “literally;” drivers who think that smoking, texting, and putting on an atrocious shade of lipstick won’t make them kill themselves and everyone else on the road; Writers who claim the title but never do any actual, you know, WRITING; cunt-nugget in laws who can’t even be bothered to– wait. Won’t go there. Point is, they’re everywhere. What am I supposed to do, live under a fucking rock?

2. Ask yourself, “Is it worth it?”


(Image from ukcolumn.com)



Fucking duh. You ever felt the adrenaline rush that comes after a satisfying 5k run? I haven’t, but I imagine it’s like that.

3. Find Another Outlet


(Image from metacafe.com)



But rage-facing IS my outlet. It’s either that, or end up on cops with my face ear-deep in the mud.

4. Practice Calming Mantras and Sayings


Image from lifeinprogress.ca








Actually, I take it back. I could probably get into that one. 

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