Hey! It’s an Update! Because Update!

Yes, I am still here.

For those of you who care, this post will be an update in the Adventures of KatLand. It’s for me as much as for you, This ass-puckering cold has my brain all in a tizzy.

Bullet points are good for untizzying.

– Christmas was pretty great. My daughters were spoiled, my girlfriend pretended to like the Minnesota Wild hat I got her (sweet girl, that one) and I totally fucked up the first batch of cut out cookies because baking is for people that aren’t me. I spent New Years Eve getting drunk, watching Doctor Who, and cursing Stephen Moffatt. So, that was good too.

– SACRIFICIAL LAMB CAKE has hit a wall. There’s a subplot missing (oh, if I only I knew what it was!) and the ending I had planned just isn’t going to cut it. I’ve set it aside for now, with a promise to finish the draft before edits for REAPER come back from the publisher in May. 

– I started another work, THE EVENING HOUSE, but after getting 2k words deep, I decided that one needed more marinating time. Also, I know jack shit about it’s setting – Nevada – so some research is needed.

– Which brings me to an as yet untitled WIP starring Bard, the surly, obnoxious character from REAPER that 99% of my beta readers (and I) fell in love with. It was decided that Bard deserves his own story, and I am determined to give it to him. Basic outlining and world building has begun, but I’m not making any promises about a draft yet. If I get dragged into it, so be it. If my mind makes YET another detour, then that’s fine, too. 

There, see? That wasn’t so painful. I’m already thinking more clearly – 

Ooo! Shiny!

*runs off*

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