The Legend of Jackson Murphy by Renee Miller – A Review


Today, my good friend and writing mentor’s novel, THE LEGEND OF JACKSON MURPHY became available in paperback and I couldn’t be more excited. Of all of her work that I’ve had the pleasure of reading, this is hands down my favorite.


Jackson Murphy wants to end his marriage and keep his money. There are many ways out of a bad marriage but Jack chooses the most expedient one. He commits the perfect murder but his brilliance leads to trouble. Soon, his business partner wants out, his mistress insists on a wedding ring, his blackmailing cousin comes back for more, and an enterprising competitor tries to squeeze Jack out of business. Each problem he eliminates creates two more. Jack ends up on the run from the Mob and a tenacious police detective. What they don’t yet know is this: what Jackson Murphy wants, Jackson Murphy gets. And he wants freedom…at any price.

The Legend of Jackson Murphy is a novel that makes you inch toward the edge of your seat with a menacing giggle on your lips as each page turns.

Because, you see, Jackson Murphy is an asshole. The reader can’t decide whether to love or hate him. With each triumph and misstep, we are awash with delicious internal conflict that draws us deeper into Jackson’s heinous plans.

Flanking Jackson is a cast of characters worthy of gracing the same page as the protagonist. A plethora of personalities shine with their own little stars, no matter how small their role. As previously shown with In The Bones, Miller proves again that she is fully capable of juggling a larger character set in a way that keeps the reader from getting lost in the tangle.

What’s most intriguing about the novel is how believable the plot is; how possible and even likely it is that Jackson’s motivations throughout the book could be placed in the minds of people we know. Not everyone is above murder, and for some it only takes a little push (or the threat of losing money).

While I won’t give away the ending, I will tell you that once you’ve reached it, you will close the book with a smirk to rival that of Jackson Murphy.

Grab a copy here, and let the games begin.

3 thoughts on “The Legend of Jackson Murphy by Renee Miller – A Review

  1. Wow, what an amazing review. I didn’t think it was possible, but I think I love you more. You totally get Jack and the motivation behind writing it.

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