Now What

Signed up on NaNoWriMo, check.

Killer idea, check.

Outline written, hashed, rewritten, check.

Fantastic opener sure to snag attention, check.

*Checks calendar*


With a little over a week left until I can start with the actual WRITING of my NaNo novel, I’m stuck sitting on this idea. This raises a few problems.

One reason I hate outlining is that once the story is on paper (even in outline form) a bit of the passion and excitement I feel for the story diminishes. That’s the reason writers write. There’s a story inside and it needs to get out. Once it does, even if it’s only in a form that I can understand, some of the magic is sucked out of it. So the questions is, then, how do I retain that magic until writing day?

I suppose a solution would be to stuff it away, forget about it until November 1st, but then I take the risk of losing the nuggets of genius dialogue, one-liners, etc. that come from allowing the story to simmer delicately on the back burner.

So… now what?

Sure, I could outline more. Sure, I could delve deeper into my character and come up with elaborate pasts for every fucking one of them. But I already know them. I know them well enough that if you asked me what their favorite color is, I’d answer in a heartbeat. The soup doesn’t need any more pepper. It’s perfect. Now let me serve it, dammit.

2 thoughts on “Now What

  1. Take a notebook and open it to whatever page you like to start on. Pick up a pen, or a pencil, whatever floats your boat. Scribble the various lines and bits of genius haunting you. Doodle in the margins. Repeat until November 1. Then, when you have the green light, start typing and put the bits in whenever they fit. See? Simple. This is still outlining, so you're not cheating. I think.

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