Progress Update – What?

I know. It was mere hours ago that I told you about Renee’s evil plot to suck me into the month of “literary abandon” that causes mass nausea just to consider known as NaNoWriMo. But you’ve missed me. Admit it. One post a month? That’s like, abuse or something. So, I’m using this as an excuse to pester visit you more.

Renee and I have spent the better part of the evening hashing and rehashing my rough (and when I say rough, I mean old lady calloused feet rough) outline. It was good, but it had no tension. We took care of that by amping up the asshole factor of two of my characters. I have to say, asshole or not, I kind of like them. They’re my kind of people, even if they are Reapers.


Shhhh. You didn’t hear that.

The problem now is that I’m ready to write. I’ve got some kinks worked out – though I’m sure some will splat all over my face during the process – and Greg is whispering sweet nothings in my ear.


Shhhh. You didn’t hear that, either.

Point is, I have to find something to occupy my mind until November. I’ve got other projects, sure, but they aren’t screaming at me the way this one is. Maybe there’s something to this procrastination thing.

Ideas? I’m open to anything that involves chocolate, wine, books, and the occasional slap.

Or I could just blog. That’s it. I’ll bother you guys some more. Thanks. You’re the best.

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