I Spy With My Little Eye…

The single greatest tool in a writer’s toolbox is observation. The best writers could moonlight as a P.I. or a stalker (and in the case of certain Canadians, some do). After all, how can you expect to write about people and situations if you don’t take in the people and situations around you?

Today, we’re going to play a little game purely for my amusement.

Take a little while after you read this and be a keen observer. Take note of everything, no matter how mundane and trivial it may seem. Then, write down the 5 most interesting (or uninteresting) things you observe and come back to share them with all of us.

I’ll start:

I spy with my little eye…

1) the dog’s whimpering that raises in pitch in direct correlation to how far away my footsteps are

2) bumper sticker on the back of a truck that says “I love My Wife” directly underneath another sticker that resembles a n S&M couple

3) an Indian couple arguing outside an office building peppering their speech with the occasional expletive

4) plucking individual pieces of fuzz from my black tights because the only tape we have is cheap and won’t pick it up

5) the distinctly floral scent emanating from a burly construction foreman

Your turn!

3 thoughts on “I Spy With My Little Eye…

  1. I spy with my little eye…1) three children chattering with their dad (TJ), quoting movies, and laughing as they work through their math homework2) one cat who thinks she's a kitten, racing back and forth through the living–tail poofing like hell is after her and the bell on her collar jingling–scampering around my chair, and then disappearing into the coat closet. 3) papers, blankets, books, and toys piled in our living room, a cluttered mess to the untrained eye, chaotic organization to any busy mother. We live and work and homeschool here, and the room quickly becomes cluttered no matter how often we clean it.4) Kaylee (supposed to be doing homework) playing with the cat. She chases her around, tags her, and then hides in the bathroom when the cat tries to tag her back. Yes, our cat plays tag. The cat now sits outside the bathroom, watching the hairbrush pushing out the door.5) My warm laptop burning against my legs.

  2. I spy with my little eye: 1.Two eldery ladies in the grocery store giggling over a gourd shaped like a… 2. The cat lying on top of my fridge licking his balls.3. The neighbor's ladder leaning up against the wall for the third day in a row, with nobody on it. Above is a coiled length of heating cable which I assume will be installed on his new roof to prevent snow buildup or something. 4. Leaves falling in front of my window one by one, occasionally in bunches of three or four, and landing in the neighbor's yard because the wind is my friend today.5. My laptop jammed onto the edge of the table between markers, a PSP, paper, five bottles of nail polish, a pink purse, the TV remote and a bottle of glue.

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